Statement from some Green Party Women Committee Members

Statement from some Green Party Women Committee Members

We members of the Green Party Women (GPW) Committee condemn the decision of GPEW (Green Party England & Wales), via the Party’s Complaints Procedure, to suspend the co-chair of GPW, Emma Bateman.

We view this as a serious instance of institutional misogyny by the Party. 

Emma was elected as co-chair, by the whole GPW membership, for the third time running, with an overwhelming majority. She received 44% of 1st preference votes, and was elected in the first round. Her election campaign focussed on many issues of importance to women including her support and advocacy for women’s sex-based rights – one of the protected characteristics in the Equality Act 2010. The GPW members who voted for her were aware of her very clearly expressed opinions.

Emma also demonstrated her intention during the election process and in our first

Committee meeting on Thursday 3rd February to work with all Committee members regardless of differences of opinion, but without suppressing her own opinions or those of other Committee members. 

Exactly two weeks after her appointment, she has been suspended for a second time, the first time being after her appointment as co-chair last year. We don’t believe this is a coincidence, or that it is unconnected to her being seen as an “uppity” woman who speaks her mind. 

We witnessed a seemingly co-ordinated campaign by some GPEW members against her, including publicly via social media. One prominent office-holder smeared almost 260 GPW voters as “transphobes”, others called for the Party to “do something about it ASAP”. 

For Green Party Regional Council (GPRC) to give in to this campaign of vexatious complaints is, in our opinion, unlawful and an abuse of process.

The Committee has made no complaint against Emma Bateman. We hold a variety of views on sex and gender, yet we are all willing to work together to re-establish GPW as an active valuable resource that encourages and engages women into political activism. This work has now for a second year been put in serious jeopardy. This is why we are naming Emma’s suspension as institutional misogyny and an attack on us all.

We members of the Committee of Green Party Women hereby call for the Green Party Regional Council to revoke the no-fault suspension of Emma Bateman with immediate effect.  We believe that only the most serious of allegations against the Code of Conduct should result in immediate suspension and Emma strongly refutes that anything she has said belongs in this category.

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