The ‘trans community’: vulnerable victims of violence?

In the struggle for so-called ‘trans rights’, gender ideologists have been asserting for years that ‘the trans community’ (whatever that means) is among the most marginalised in society. They tend to assert that trans people are among the most likely to be victims of violence, including murder. Here are two recent blog posts on the subject that counter this false narrative.

The view from the UK

Giving the UK perspective in October 2021, Madison Smith in The Critic debunks the dodgy statistics at: Neither marginalised, abused nor vulnerable. Debunking a persistent talking point in the trans rights campaign

Smith also links to a brilliant video compilation (by Karen Actually) of our political leaders stating how marginalised, vulnerable and abused the trans community is. Sadly, it has no clips of our esteemed Green Party leaders like Amelia Womack, Sian Berry or Carla Denyer, joining in.

The view from the USA

Giving us a view from the USA in November 2021, Anna Slatz of 4W writes: Breaking Down Claims of a “Trans Genocide”. Like Madison Smith, she debunks the dodgy statistics.

More resources


Another UK-focused resource from May 2021 is by @STILLTish at gendercriticalwoman…trans-murder-monitoring which contrasts research by Transgender Europe (trigger warning: it’s funded by Arcus) on their trans-murder monitoring site ( with other (preferable) research at and on Karen Ingala Smith’s website:

@STILLTish writes that:

The narrative that trans people are an extremely vulnerable demographic … is an inversion of the truth designed to posit women as “cis-privileged” whilst casting aside safeguarding, for women and girls.

Arty Morty

Trans people are NOT the most vulnerable people on the planet! is a video by Arty Morty, where he argues that

“… the Transgender Umbrella encompasses a broad and diverse array of people with very little in common with each other. Some people who identify as “trans” are indeed very vulnerable and at high risk of being harmed by dangerous men, but many (perhaps most) would be more accurately described as emotionally fragile …”

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