What’s happening in the Green Party?

For our first post (in a long time), here is a summary of key events so far this year in the conflict between the Gender Ideologist and Gender Critical factions in the Green Party.

Spring Conference

Out of a membership of over 50,000, fewer than one per cent voted at the conference.  Voting was generally split as to 58% Gender Ideologist versus 42% Gender Critical voters. Thus it was that:

  • Gender Self-ID was voted in as party policy: only 493 people voted, of whom 281 were in favour.
  • A motion proposing that the party should support women’s sex-based rights in accordance with the United Nations CEDAW (Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women) agreement was voted down.  Only 491 people voted, or whom 289 people voted against women’s rights, and the motion failed. 

Another motion on sex and gender was controversially cut from the agenda. Titled ‘ensuring sex and gender are not conflated’, it suggested that when gathering data, it is noted whether it is collected on the basis of sex or of gender. Emma Bateman (see below), who proposed the motion, has not received a proper explanation as to why it was cut, despite asking the Standing Orders Committee (the committee that manages the proceedings) in March.

There were overtures to attempt further dialogue to resolve conflict between Gender Ideologists and Gender Critical factions. But they have not come to anything so far.

Emma Bateman suspended for transphobia – 8 March

Almost as soon as Spring Conference was over, Emma Bateman, Co-Chair of GPW, was suspended for transphobia. Here is ​the Tweet​ that caused offence​:   

@EmmaBatemanGPW 16 Mar 2021

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, I was suspended from the Green Party following a complaint by 2 fellow GPW committee members

Because I queried whether trans women are female.

Green Party policy is that ‘trans women are women’.

Now we must agree that they are also female.

Dom Armstrong, GP Councillor in Sunderland, resigns – 11 March

Dom Armstrong resigned after two years as Sunderland City Council’s first-ever Green councillor.  He wrote in his letter of resignation:

“I am also dismayed by the fact that a co chair of our women‘s committee is a biological male, who works for a company (Gender GP) that in 2018 was found guilty of illegally supplying puberty blockers to children as young as ten. The Green Party are not concerned by this, in fact this person holds another FOUR senior party roles, and gloats on social media when some women (who they are meant to represent) feel so uncomfortable about this, they leave the party.”

Green Party Strike – 18 March

Days after Emma Bateman was suspended on 8 March, Bridgwater and West Somerset Green Party went on strike on 18 March, demanding that she be re-instated.

Kathryn Bristow declares faeself sole chair of GPW – July

In July Kathryn Bristow declared faeself sole chair of GPW and locked the internal members-only Green Party women discussion space from comments by other members. Fae has removed posts on LGBT issues, in order to make it a ‘safe space for all women and non-binary people’.

GPEW Co-Leaders resign – 5 and 14 July

Jonathan Bartley, co-leader for five years, resigned on 5 July. On 14 July, Siân Berry, his joint co-leader, resigned too. She cited an “inconsistency” between the party’s promises and actions on trans rights. Her decision came after the party selected Shahrar Ali, the party’s former deputy leader, as the spokesperson for policing and domestic safety. According to pinknews “Ali was heavily criticised after he embraced definitions of women that exclude trans and intersex women from womanhood.”

There will now be leadership elections, as well as this year’s round of elections to GPEx, the Green Party Executive Committee. Watch this space!

4 thoughts on “What’s happening in the Green Party?

  1. Kathryn Bristow describes faeself as a female, though it is public knowledge that fae is/was* a male (*depending on whether you believe people can change sex or not)


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